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Power of the

At the trading hub of the Lunar Tangerine Planet, one of the most coveted items is the enigmatic artifact known as the "Power of the Meme."

This peculiar object embodies the strange principles of the Lunar Liver Nation and serves as a vital element in driving the machinery employed by the planet's residents to produce unique equipment.
Simultaneously,it is the genesis of the Lunar Tangerine Planet's abundant resources and the clandestine foundation of its thriving economy.
This force lies hidden within the colossal pumps, and intrepid treasure hunters, shrewd merchants,and astute scientists strive to master the rules governing the Power of the Meme, though the truth often proves to be astonishingly elusive.

The Gateway
to the
Tangerine Planet

The Pumps are a collection of utility-activating PFPs, endowed with rare characteristics inspired by web3 memes and popular culture.

These Pumps represent the membership qualifications for the grassroots members of the Tangerine community.
By possessing a Pump,not only are you a part of this vibrant and delightful community, and you are like a co-founder of Tangerine!
The Pumps possess peculiar principles, and various combinations of different Pumps yield distinct powers. Rumors abound, suggesting associations with $G, whitelist access, NFT airdrops, and entry to IRL events!
As for the eagerly anticipated mint price and supply, we shall make announcements on Twitter and Discord, keeping our esteemed community well-informed.


How many pumps are there?
We have a large community and many partners around the world, you may often see our members in other communities, even in a bear market the community will still be full of people joining us and we will ensure that every family member who truly identifies with us gets our NFT (TBA). Join our discord for more details.
How is the whitelist assigned?
We want people to just take it in defence, but to really identify with and support us. We will be distributing a portion to those who have been supporting us, and we will be working with different partners to distribute our whitelist while we start a pre-order model. Find out more at discord.
How can I join the whitelist?
We will be distributing our whitelist with our partners who have been supporting us for a long time, and also participating in community events will be available. We have also opened up a new way of doing this, which will be announced in due course.
What are the benefits for NFT holders?
  • Get $TG token
  • NFT premium whitelist ($300W worth of whitelist has been allocated by the community since its inception)
  • The right to participate in future core assets
  • NFT airdrop, IRL equity related
  • Mysterious rights and interests to be unlocked
What are $TG tokens?
$TG is the only token of the tangerine ecosystem with real empowerment and governance rights, details to be announced